3 Reasons Winter Is the Best Time to Paint Your House

Many people choose to have interior painting done during the summer. While this is a popular time of year for home improvement projects, experts recommend painting in the wintertime. Whether you’re thinking of adding color to one room or several, here are some reasons why you should opt to tackle the job during the winter months.

What Are the Benefits of Painting During Winter?

1. Reduced Demand

Professional crews are less busy during colder months. For homeowners with busy schedules, this makes it easier to hire someone that’s willing to work around their availability. To boost sales during slower times of the year, contractors offer discounted prices, making home improvement projects more affordable.

2. Shorter Drying Times

Although it’s counterintuitive, the hot summer temperatures don’t lead to quicker drying times. This is because they’re accompanied by high levels of humidity.

Cool winter weather, however, tends to be dry. Open a window to let the crisp air speed up paint drying rates. This allows interior painting jobs to be completed efficiently, letting you get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

3. It Fights the Winter Blues

It’s easy for winter to feel dreary due to shortened daylight hours and inclement weather that makes outside activity hard. Interior painting creates a sense of change and progress.

Use it to transform your surroundings and stay engaged in life. Experiment with different colors and textures to keep things fresh. Since professional painters experience fewer jobs during this time of year, they are able to dedicate more time to offering advice on hues and designs.

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