4 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Designing a room is difficult when it doesn’t have enough natural lighting to brighten it up. With a few smart decorating tips, though, it’s possible to transform a dark, moody space into a stylish, comfortable one. From interior painting with bright colors to bringing in accent pieces that pop, here are a few ideas for the dark corners of your home.

How to Bring Brightness Into Your Space

1. Hang Mirrors in Strategic Locations

Use mirrors to their full potential. Hanging one adjacent to lighting fixtures or windows amplifies extra brightness throughout your room. They’re also a strategic tool to expand your visual space and create the illusion of additional square footage.

2. Throw Down a Bright Rug

Spruce up bare, dark floors with a large area rug. Choose a solid color like ivory or yellow or a pattern with a brighter color scheme to inject personality and provide additional softness and texture beneath your feet. Rugs also expand your visual space when strategically placed partially under larger pieces of furniture.

3. Choose Light Paint Colors

Interior painting is another creative method for livening up your room. Using neutral tones like eggshell, ivory, or light pastels for your walls or ceilings will immediately brighten your space. It’ll also reflect natural light to other surfaces, making your room appear more open and spacious.

4. Decorate With Vibrant Accent Pieces

Use vivid accent furniture and decorative items to sprinkle more pops of colors in your room. Cheerful paintings, bucolic indoor plants, Lucite® side tables, and brightly upholstered sofas and chairs elevate your space’s ambiance and mood. Be sure to use them sparingly, though, since too many dark accents can make a space look cluttered and closed in.

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