3 Tips for Hanging Pictures Without Damaging Drywall

Artwork, posters, and family photographs help make your space truly your own. However, it’s important to hang items properly to avoid damaging your walls—and the need for drywall repairs. Here are a few tips for hanging pictures in a way that keeps your drywall intact while allowing for a steady and secure connection between the wall and picture frame.

How to Hang Pictures Without Needing Drywall Repair

1. Choose Lightweight Frames

Before hanging, place each frame on a bathroom scale and weigh it. If it’s under 10 pounds, your drywall can likely accommodate it with no issue. Lighter items—those under 5 pounds—can usually be hung with adhesive solutions like strips or mounting tape. Frames between 5 and 10 pounds should hang safely with just strong nails in the drywall.

2. Use Anchors

For items over 10 pounds, the drywall will need some additional supports in place. Anchors are an ideal tool for this purpose. An anchor goes between the nail/screw and the drywall, firmly gripping the wall to create a secure foundation on which the frame can hang. Anchors are made from either plastic or metal and prevent the drywall surface from crumbling.

3. Find the Studs

For a frame over 20 pounds, be sure to install the anchor directly into a wall stud. Studs are the naturally stronger wood elements that support the walls of your home. Locate them by using a stud finder, a device that senses the denser areas of the walls where studs are usually situated.

If you don’t have a stud finder, you can often locate a stud by knocking on the wall. Most of the wall will emit a hollow sound when knocked, but a stud will produce a fuller, more solid sound.

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3 Benefits of Power Washing a Home Before Winter

As a homeowner, it’s important to take care of certain tasks to prepare for the winter months. Power washing the exterior of the home is one of the wisest items on your to-do list. Here’s a closer look at how you’ll benefit by scheduling this service

How Pressure Washing Helps Your Home

1. Cleans the Walls

The exterior walls of your home need a deep clean once a year. If there are mold or mildew spots, the moisture of winter may make them worse. Mold on your home’s walls can cause structural damage and even spread indoors where it’s harmful to breathe. Wash all that away before the wetness of rain and snow exacerbates the issue.

2. Refreshes the Deck

Don’t neglect your deck when getting ready for winter. Pressure washing a wooden deck removes dirt, debris, and any mold or mildew that’s accumulated. Once it’s clean, you can apply a layer of sealant or stain to protect the wood during the harsher climate of winter.

3. Clears the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is a task most homeowners dread. Power washing is a quick and easy way to take care of this. Instead of having to climb up and dig the leaves and debris out by hand, a washer makes quick work of the task.

Clean gutters are important in preparation for the rain and snow of winter. If your gutters are clogged or dirty, water can build up and leak into your roof or attic, causing structural damage and mold growth. Water may also overflow clogged gutters and damage your foundation since it can’t be directed to the downspouts and away from the home.

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3 Reasons Winter Is the Best Time to Paint Your House

Many people choose to have interior painting done during the summer. While this is a popular time of year for home improvement projects, experts recommend painting in the wintertime. Whether you’re thinking of adding color to one room or several, here are some reasons why you should opt to tackle the job during the winter months.

What Are the Benefits of Painting During Winter?

1. Reduced Demand

Professional crews are less busy during colder months. For homeowners with busy schedules, this makes it easier to hire someone that’s willing to work around their availability. To boost sales during slower times of the year, contractors offer discounted prices, making home improvement projects more affordable.

2. Shorter Drying Times

Although it’s counterintuitive, the hot summer temperatures don’t lead to quicker drying times. This is because they’re accompanied by high levels of humidity.

Cool winter weather, however, tends to be dry. Open a window to let the crisp air speed up paint drying rates. This allows interior painting jobs to be completed efficiently, letting you get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

3. It Fights the Winter Blues

It’s easy for winter to feel dreary due to shortened daylight hours and inclement weather that makes outside activity hard. Interior painting creates a sense of change and progress.

Use it to transform your surroundings and stay engaged in life. Experiment with different colors and textures to keep things fresh. Since professional painters experience fewer jobs during this time of year, they are able to dedicate more time to offering advice on hues and designs.

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3 Tips for Choosing Paint for Your Kitchen Walls

Comparing wood samples and paint chips can be one of the most exciting parts of a kitchen remodeling project. Choosing the right color can tie your new tile and other elements together, but the sheer number of options available can make selecting the perfect shade difficult. If you’re planning an interior painting project, below are a few tips for finding the best color for your kitchen.

How Do You Choose a Paint for Your Kitchen?

1. Color

White may be a safe choice and could be the best option if you’re aiming for a streamlined, modern look. However, just the slightest tint of paint can make the rest of your design pop and breathe new life into the room. Grey shades with a warm hue are a popular choice, especially if you’re looking for a neutral color that won’t clash with your counters and fixtures.

2. Undertones

Every color has undertones that can alter the atmosphere of your kitchen. These subtle qualities may not be apparent on small paint chips, so interior painting experts recommend buying a few samples and testing them out on pieces of cardboard. This will give you a better idea of how each shade will look on the wall.

3. Temperature

Orange, yellow, and red colors are considered warm, while blues and purples are generally cool. Recognizing the temperature of different colors will help you choose a shade that evokes the feeling you want. If you’re going for an industrial look, cooler shades may be best. However, warmer tones are generally best with wood cabinets and natural stone countertops.

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How to Know When Your Deck Is Stained

Whether you’ve had a deck for years or just finished building one, staining protects it from rain and inclement weather. For the most effective application, stain your deck under the right conditions; as any commercial painter can tell you, it’s not a year-round activity. Here’s how to know when to stain your deck.

Temperature & Humidity

Contrary to many people’s assumptions, spring and summer aren’t necessarily the right seasons to stain your deck. Wood is easily affected by humidity levels and draws moisture from the air. The more moisture it pulls in, the harder it is for the stain to absorb. Staining in the spring or summer, when the atmosphere is often damp, can lead to cracking and peeling. The seasons’ high temperatures can also cause the stain to evaporate before it’s settled into the wood, which means your hard work goes to waste.

Professional painters recommend staining in milder weather: when temperatures range between 50 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level is no higher than 15%. For many regions, this means fall is the ideal time for staining; the air is drier, but temperatures aren’t yet cold enough to make outdoor work uncomfortable.


Proper staining needs about 24 hours to 48 hours to dry completely. That means absolutely no rain should fall in that period of time. When scheduling time to stain your deck, professional painters recommend checking the forecast to ensure no showers disrupt your work. You should also avoid staining in direct sunlight, which might dry the stain too quickly and leave watermarks.

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