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Are you considering giving your home the exterior facelift it deserves? Painting can be a great way to reinvigorate the exterior of your home and give it a new look. But deciding which type of paint finish to use can feel like an uphill battle full of difficult decisions. Do you want to go with white wash, German schmear, or lime wash? All three are popular options for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

Before and After Exterior White Washing- Photo credits from Ring’s End

What is White Washing and its benefits for your exterior home

White washing refers to a peculiar yet advantageous practice. It consists of coating surfaces with a solution made from water, lime, and chalk, creating a pale white appearance. The benefits of this process are bountiful. It provides not only an aesthetic upgrade to the surface but also a bolstered defense against the rforces of nature. This lime-based coating effectively combats mold, mildew, and bacteria, while simultaneously being environmentally sustainable. Additionally, the reflective properties of the white color lead to increased energy efficiency. Overall, white washing presents an affordable and practical solution. It safeguards and enhances various structures which is a harmonious interplay between utility and beauty.

Before of a German Schmear on an exterior home.
Residential Exterior before the German Schemering is completed by BRS Painting.

What is German Schemering and its benefits 

German scheming is a type of painting for the outside of your home. It’s a thicker kind of paint that helps protect your house from the elements. It not only provides protection, but it also adds color and style to your home. German Schemering lets your home stand out. The paint can last longer and provide better protection than regular paint. It’s a great way to keep your home looking beautiful for longer!

Exterior German Schmear
BRS Painting completed this Residential Exterior of a German Schmear.

What is Lime Washing and its benefits for your exterior project

residential home before lime wash is used
Residential home before lime wash is used. Photo credits: Tuft & Trim- Visit their site here. https://tuftandtrim.com/white-limewashed-brick-exterior-makeover/

Lime washing is a type of painting for the outside of your home. It’s a special kind of paint that uses lime-based ingredients, which are natural and environmentally friendly. This type of paint helps protect your home from the elements, while adding a unique style and color to it. The color can be changed easily as well. Plus, lime washing is long-lasting and low maintenance so it’s perfect for busy families!

Residential Home after Lime wash is applied. Photo Credits: Tuft & Trim

Pros and Cons of each approach for your exterior project

Lime washing is a great choice for protecting your home from the elements while also making it look unique. Plus, its natural ingredients won’t hurt the environment. However, it needs to be applied carefully. German scheming is another option which provides thicker protection against the elements. It can last longer than regular paint, but it can be expensive. White washing is a cheaper alternative which also adds a classic, clean look to any home. Unfortunately, it may not provide as much protection as other types of painting.

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