Our Top Tips On How to Paint Your Ceiling

Understanding ceiling paint color combinations can help you decide on a new look you like best. While starting inside the house ceiling and walls of the room are first painted the trims, then the ceiling, and finally the walls. Painting the ceilings and walls is also among the basic steps in decoration. In addition to the wall color suitable for the selected furniture, the ceiling should also look stylish.

Ceiling Painting Process

  • Paint roller tool to paint the ceiling. 
  • The entire surface of the ceiling ought to be painted by dividing it into sections of 3-4 sq. feet.
  • A roller tool with a low nap should be used for a smooth, even-textured ceiling.
  • use a roller tool with a 1/2 or 3/4 inch fluffy roller nap.
  • Roll on the ceiling surface slowly. 
  • Started  rolling the paint roller tool through the wet ends of the squares
  • Rollers can leave overlap marks. 
  • Continue to mix the paint with the previous section as you paint.
  • Repeat the process 

Make your first ceiling paint experience success with our top tips below: 

  • We wouldn’t recommend painting a ceiling in your favorite gear. Expect things to get a little messy and wear safety glasses to avoid specks of paint getting into your eyes. 
  • Protect your hair with a baseball cap from the inevitable drips. 
  • Stick with a roller for ceiling paint application. You’ll get the best coverage and much less splatter than with a paint sprayer. 
  • Use a sturdy stepladder to avoid any accidents. No stepping onto wobbly dining room chairs!