New Construction Painting Services In St. Charles, MO

Completed Interior New Construction Basement

Are you a homeowner looking for painting services for your new construction home in St. Charles? Trying to find a reliable team of painters who provide durable paint can be time-consuming. The stress of not finding one can leave you overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when it comes to painting your new construction project.

At BRS Painting, we understand the importance of a reliable and durable paint job. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve provided new construction painting services to dozens of homeowners. Discover here how you can enjoy the best results for your home with our services.

Save Time And Money With Our Efficient Painting Solutions

Painting a new construction follows a different timeline than simply repainting walls or adding color to an existing space. First and foremost, the materials need time to settle and dry before painting. From there on, we’ll begin with our new construction painting services.

We’ll start by removing the dust and debris of construction from all surfaces to ensure a smooth and speck-free base. Then, we’ll verify the color and areas. This could include everything in the home, like doors, windows, ceilings, etc. Finally, we’ll prime, paint, and apply a finish coat from the ceiling to the baseboards.

New Construction Stairwell Painted in St. Charles, MO

Discover How Our Expert Team Has Prepared To Deliver You Reliable Painting Results

There’s no need to stress out looking for a painting contractor when you can rely on BRS Painting. Here’s how we can help you have a successful paint job: 

  • Our staff undergoes rigorous background checks, ensuring your peace of mind when working in your home. 
  • Furthermore, our team is highly trained and expertly led by the owner of BRS Painting. 
  • With years of experience under our belts, you can trust our team to handle any job that comes our way. 
  • We offer quick quotes within 30 minutes or less, so you can get your project started without delay. 

Enjoy The Best Results With Our Residential Painting Services

Settling for an unreliable team of painters could lead to poor-quality results that ultimately decrease the value and aesthetic appeal of the property. Avoid this by working with our professional team. To get started on painting your house, simply:

  1. Contact us today for a free house painting quote and consultation.
  2. Our trained professionals will work with you to understand your vision and provide tailored suggestions to bring it to life.
  3. Relax and enjoy your beautiful new home with a durable and high-quality paint job from BRS Painting.

A reliable and durable paint job done by BRS Painting will enhance the appearance and value of your new construction project. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the difference our over 13 years of industry experience can make.

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