How to Know When Your Deck Is Stained

Whether you’ve had a deck for years or just finished building one, staining protects it from rain and inclement weather. For the most effective application, stain your deck under the right conditions; as any commercial painter can tell you, it’s not a year-round activity. Here’s how to know when to stain your deck.

Temperature & Humidity

Contrary to many people’s assumptions, spring and summer aren’t necessarily the right seasons to stain your deck. Wood is easily affected by humidity levels and draws moisture from the air. The more moisture it pulls in, the harder it is for the stain to absorb. Staining in the spring or summer, when the atmosphere is often damp, can lead to cracking and peeling. The seasons’ high temperatures can also cause the stain to evaporate before it’s settled into the wood, which means your hard work goes to waste.

Professional painters recommend staining in milder weather: when temperatures range between 50 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level is no higher than 15%. For many regions, this means fall is the ideal time for staining; the air is drier, but temperatures aren’t yet cold enough to make outdoor work uncomfortable.


Proper staining needs about 24 hours to 48 hours to dry completely. That means absolutely no rain should fall in that period of time. When scheduling time to stain your deck, professional painters recommend checking the forecast to ensure no showers disrupt your work. You should also avoid staining in direct sunlight, which might dry the stain too quickly and leave watermarks.

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